Help IDFA Advocate for Access to Rapid Antigen Tests for Immunodeficient Patients and Carers

Jan 24, 2022 | News

We understand that many of you are feeling anxious, stressed, frustrated and/or concerned given the current COVID-19 developments and the risk that this exposes to your health, or someone that you care for. IDFA is currently working on a number of initiatives to advocate for and support you, our members.

IDFA has approached a number of state health ministers, advocating on your behalf for greater access to and/or subsidised RAT testing for immunodeficient patients and their carers/support workers.

We have also drafted a template letter for our members so that you can tailor this and send to MPs to lobby government, raising awareness of your personal experiences and concerns as an immunodeficient patient or carer given the current COVID-19 developments. 

Please note that this is a template only, and you can tailor this as you wish to suit your personal experiences.  

Find your representatives / senator here. For tips on how to contact and address your representatives / senator click here

The more voices that our government hears from, the better! Thanks for your support.