Building community through care and support initiatives for Australians affected by immunodeficiencies.

No matter where you live in Australia, you can connect with the IDFA community through our conferences and meetups, online support groups and member-led events like online Community Catchups, and our in-person IDFA Coffee Club.

Community Events

We host a range of IDFA-led and member-led events to help you connect with our community. From state member meet-ups to coffee clubs there is something for everyone.

Become a Member

Join a supportive community of people who understand life with an immunodeficiency.

Online Support Groups

We offer a range of tailored Facebook support groups for IDFA members to connect and engage with other members who have a similar diagnosis or who are at a similar life stage.

Circle of Support Peer Mentoring

Our Circle of Support Peer Mentoring offers IDFA members one-on-one mentoring with another member to connect, empower and support you with issues related to your immunodeficiency.