Pathways to Giving

IDFA operates solely on the generosity of others through sponsorships, grants, donations and fundraising activities.

You can make a difference in someone’s life and support our work and members by donating or fundraising for IDFA in a variety of ways.

Funds raised allow IDFA to continue our ongoing work in supporting Australians living with primary and secondary immunodeficiencies. Including: Providing free resources (hard copy and e-resources); Hosting patient meetings and conferences; Hosting special events and activities for IDFA members (online and in-person); Engaging medical experts, researchers, and allied health professionals to participate in our events; Education and mentoring programs and Advocacy and awareness campaigns.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering helps support us to educate, advocate and spread awareness of immunodeficiencies.

Host or Participate in an Event

Contact us to find out how you can raise funds by hosting an event.

Student Placement

If you are a university student or have skills you would like to utilise, we are offering a range of project opportunities.

Provide Entertainment Opportunities

Donate to International Entertainment, a leading commercial fundraiser who organises several shows for disadvantaged families on our behalf.

Buy Raffle Tickets to Win - Bolster

Enter in the draw to win 30K in prizes.

Donate Your Day

Ask others to donate on behalf of you for your birthday or donate your workday to IDFA.

Play for Purpose

Participate in Australia’s Community Raffle.

Join #IDFALifeblood

Search for #IDFALifeblood and join the team for your next blood/plasma/platelet donation.


Support our advocacy campaigns ie share your story, collect signatures for petitions, facilitate IDFA campaigns in your state.

Your donations help IDFA improve the lives of Australians affected by primary and secondary immunodeficiency.


cost of posting a Resource Pack to one of our members.


the cost to cover one of our members attending a patient meeting.


covers printing costs of a complete Resource Pack.


help one of our IDFA child members to attend a weekend activity to engage with other PID kids.


the cost of registering one of our members to attend an IDFA Conference


the cost of travel and accommodation for one of our members to attend our Annual Conference.

Important note – Please do not make donations or sponsor payments for International Entertainment shows Circus Quirkus, Razzamatazz or World Festival of Magic via the below link. Please contact us at or call us on 1800 100 198 if you have any questions regarding these payments.