Plasma Parties

#IDFALifeblood Plasma Parties

Did you know that it takes approximately 130 plasma donations to treat one person with primary immunodeficiency? In recognition of International Plasma Awareness Week, we team up with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood for our #IDFALifeblood Plasma Parties!

Are you interested in hosting a plasma party?

Our first Plasma Party

At the Wollongong Donor Centre down the road from the IDFA office, we came together for an event filled with community spirit, where donors had the chance to meet recipients and hear about the positive impact that donations have on lives.

Win News Illawarra

Generous revellers celebrated a yellow-themed party in Wollongong today, but the hosts and attendees are anything but yellow-bellied cowards; quite the opposite!

Region Illawarra

Wollongong ‘Plasma Party’ unites life-saving blood donors with locals receiving vital treatments

Wave FM

Damien’s down at Australian Red Cross Lifeblood in Wollongong today giving plasma as part of their plasma party- donating is super easy and the team are awesome. Come on down.