About IDFA

IDFA supports Australians living with immunodeficiency through education, awareness and advocacy

Let’s face it, living with an immunodeficiency impacts on all aspects of your health and lifestyle. You spend countless hours at medical appointments and your life is one of acronyms.

Whether you live with a primary immunodeficiency (PID) or secondary immunodeficiency (SID) it’s challenging finding the extra information you need and the extra support along the way. At the Immune Deficiencies Foundation Australia (IDFA) we strive to be that “extra” for you.

Who is IDFA?

IDFA is a national not-for-profit and leading peak body offering education, advocacy and awareness for Australians living with a PID or SID. PID’s are caused by defects in immune function and are mostly genetic in origin. SID’s are caused as a result of external factors such as chemotherapy, autoimmune disease or other treatments. People living with immunodeficiencies are more susceptible to infection.

In conjunction with our community-focussed model of care IDFA assists in achieving improved patient outcomes and quality of life. With the support of our medical advisory panel and through national and international relationships IDFA is a respected organisation within the medical and patient community.

What we do

Our vision is “A future where primary and secondary immunodeficiency are diagnosed and treated early, with affected people supported by clinicians, community and government to enable optimal quality of life.”

As a national membership-based organisation for Australians living with immunodeficiency, we support our members by providing:

Creating Awareness and Education

Free Information Packs/Digital Library

Regular Educational Webinars

News and Updates

Awareness Raising Campaigns

Representations to MPs



Building Community: Care and Support

Family Support Groups

Weekly Member Chat

Member Meet-ups

Peer Mentoring Support

Ask IDFA – Your Questions Answered

Networking and Collaboration

Driving Change: Advocacy

Influencing Government Policy

Screening and Diagnostic Advocacy

Treatment and Care Advocacy

Self-Advocacy Toolkit


The IDFA Story

IDFA was formed in 2005 with the support of the Immune Deficiencies Foundation New Zealand (IDFNZ) and the Kids Foundation to meet the education and support needs for Australians living with PID’s.

PID’s are rare disorders caused by defects in the immune system and are mostly genetic in origin. As a result, the immune system does not function as it should leaving the patient vulnerable to infections. Some people can live and manage their condition quite well while others live with multiple complex medical health issues. Some PID’s can even be fatal without early diagnosis.

Since 2005 IDFA has become a collective voice for those living with both PID’s and SID’s. We have become a respected national peak body which has been achieved through our collaboration with national and international organisations.

Our IDFA membership continues to grow and is a positive and supportive community of patients, carers and families.