Western Australia Member Meet-up

In June, we made our way to sunny WA, where we gathered with our IDFA members on the shores of Matilda Bay for our Western Australia Member Meet.

This idyllic location, coupled with several expert guests in attendance, provided members with a chance to reconnect and meet new people within the community. Families came along, including a couple of very cute babies, adding to the warm and inviting atmosphere.

Bringing together a diverse group of individuals, including healthcare professionals, members, and supporters, we all enjoyed delicious food at the stunning venue of Matilda Bay Restaurant. The ambience made everyone feel right at home.

This casual member meet-up, aptly named ‘Conversations with IDFA,’ symbolised our community’s commitment to learning about and supporting one another. It was a reflection of our collective growth, resilience, and vibrancy.

We were honoured to welcome expert guests: Rachael Dunn (CNS – Immunology), Dr. Natasha Moseley (Immunologist and Paediatrician), Emily Mostyn-Brown (Training and Development Coordinator – ConnectGroups), Terri Williams (CNS – Immunology), Joanne White (Psychologist), and Member Co-Host Richard Price.

These experts provided guests with insights into immunodeficiencies, self-care, and mental health. The intimate setting allowed for casual conversations between guests and experts, creating a space for meaningful connections and knowledge sharing.

This event also offered an invaluable chance to explore ways to forge lasting connections through the IDFA Coffee Club and other in-person and online activities. It allowed everyone to uncover new paths for engagement and support within our community.

What an amazing gathering it turned out to be! The room was filled with smiles, laughter, and the forging of meaningful connections, making this event truly special and memorable for everyone who attended.