SCID Newborn Screening Update


IDFA have been advocating for SCID newborn screening to be included in routine screening for newborn babies for a number of years.

At the moment there is a Pilot Program running in NSW through until 2022, which provides this screening and is funded by the NSW government. Now is the time to push for action in other states.

IDFA are pleased to launch a parliament petition calling on the TAS, WA, SA and VIC Governments to introduce the inclusion of screening for SCID into the existing Newborn Screening (Guthrie test) to reduce preventable infant mortality.

If you would like to support our campaign please go to the link below to sign a petition for your state – you can choose to encourage friends and family to sign the petition, but even if it’s only you – every signature counts.

Please be sure to read the instructions carefully so that we can continue to collect signatures to allow us to present the petitions to governments.


  1. Download and print your state petition below or email it to your family and friends to print and start collecting signatures today!
  2. Get your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours on board to help make this a reality. Your local shops or pharmacies may be happy to display the petition.
  3.  Each person who signs the petition must use their residential address as PO Boxes do not count for inclusion.
  4. Scan and email each completed petition page to 
  5. Most importantly: Return all original paper petition pages by postage to: IDFA – NB Petition, PO Box 742, Wollongong, NSW 2520

If 100 IDFA members collect 100 signatures (five pages) each we will have 10,000 signatures to take to Parliament!

Get involved

Sign the SCID Newborn Screening petition for your State or Territory

NOTE: Residents of Queensland and ACT – e-petition and paper petition closed and tabled.