Celebrating International Plasma Awareness Week!

International Plasma Awareness Week is an annual initiative aimed at raising global awareness about source plasma collection, recognising the invaluable contributions of donors, and enhancing understanding of plasma protein therapies and rare diseases. Every year, it takes approximately 130 plasma donations to treat one person with primary immunodeficiency, and this week, we highlighted the importance of these contributions.

In recognition of this important week, we teamed up with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood to host a ‘Plasma Party’ at the Wollongong donor centre on Tuesday, 3rd October. It was an event filled with community spirit, where donors had the chance to meet recipients and witness the positive impact their donations have on lives. We celebrated the significance of donations and the generosity of our community. The event was festive, with yellow splashing across the centre, our wonderful staff donning yellow attire, and a delightful Plasma Party cake for all to enjoy.

IDFA extends it’s heartfelt gratitude to all those who joined us, rolled up their sleeves, and supported our members. If you’re considering donating, please consider joining our team with the hashtag #IDFALifeblood.

Stories in the Media 

Lifeblood Australia also welcomed Michael Klim as their new ambassador. A gold medalist and world champion, who relies on regular infusions made from donated human plasma and passionately advocates for the need for plasma donations.

Carolyn Dews (IDFA CEO), Clarinda Sheely (IDFA family member), Ismaeel Ahmad, and Javeria Ahmad. (IDFA members) were honoured to participate in a 32-person relay (signifying how many donations are needed for one treatment for Michael Klim), bringing attention to the growing need for plasma donations. We’re thankful to Lifeblood for including us in these wonderful initiatives.

Ismaeel was featured in the Sky News story: Australian Olympian Michael Klim supporting Red Cross Lifeblood campaign from the event at Bondi Icebergs.

Let’s continue to support the cause and raise awareness about the vital role of plasma donations in saving lives. Together, we can make a significant difference.