Past Webinars

PI Education Program Webinars

Use Your Voice – Self Advocacy

Louise Healy, Christine Jeffery & Geraldine Dunne

National Blood Authority Update

Jo Cameron & Adam Friederich

Families & Relationships

Louise Healy

COVID-19 Vaccinations & Immunodeficiencies

Dr Alisa Kane & Prof Stuart Tangye

Carers Health and Wellbeing

Felicity Rogers

The Changing Landscape of Pain Management

Joyce McSwan & Helen Pini

An Understanding of Genetics and Immunodeficiency

Rebecca Macintosh

Primary Immunodeficiency and Family Planning

Rebecca Macintosh

COVID-19 Vaccines: Boosters and Third Primary Doses

Dr Ketaki Sharma & Dr Tri Phan

Understanding and Supporting Sleep

Emeritus Prof Dorothy Bruck

Young Adult Members 2022 Conference Recordings

This event was sponsored by Takeda. 

Member stories: Luke Kavanagh

Luke Kavanagh

Member stories: Hayley Teasdale

Hayley Teasdale 

Member stories: Zoe Potter 

Zoe Potter

Invisible Conditions

Christina Irene

Managing the Child to Adult Transition Process

Dr Jane Ho and Gretel Butler

Nutrition Talk and Smoothie Demo

Amanda Jackson