Legal and Financial Support

NDIS - Eligibility and Application Process

Eligibility for financial support through NDIS needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis by the relevant authorities. Our Links page has a list of useful website links.

For information into what financial support you could be eligible for as well as assistance in preparing NDIS applications, we recommend contacting an NDIS representative in your local area: 

Offices and contacts in your area | NDIS

Medicare and Health Insurance Cover

What is and isn’t covered under the Australian Medicare scheme is updated regularly. Individual health care needs can also differ greatly from person to person. The following links may provide you with some further understanding as to what is and isn’t covered under the public and private healthcare space:

What’s covered by Medicare – Medicare – Services Australia

Search – Services Australia

Much like Medicare, private health insurance company policies and packages are updated regularly and are also quite diverse in their coverage. The package type you choose and what is covered within is very much a personal choice and sometimes based on costs. The private health insurance companies will normally talk you through what each package looks like and provide guidance as to what they recommend would be the better choice for your family circumstances.