Membership is free. To become a member of IDFA, you must:

  • have a diagnosed Primary Immune Deficiency
  • have a family member with PID
  • be a carer of someone with PID

IDFA also welcomes professional Members who are:

  • GPs, Paediatricians or Specialist Doctors
  • Registered nurses
  • Health professionals working with immunology patients (e.g. counsellor, social worker, play therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, educator)
  • IDFA stakeholders

Membership Forms

If you would like assistance or wish to complete the form over the telephone, contact us.






 Join an IDFA Facebook group

IDFA members are welcome to join an IDFA Closed Facebook Group. IDFA has two Facebook groups:

  • IDFA Adults
  • IDFA YAMS (Youth and Young Adults)

Please read the IDFA Social Media Agreement and Acceptance Policy and request to join here.

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