Transition occurs when a PID child reaches the age of 16-18. After many years under the care of a paediatric Immunologist and a health team at a paediatric hospital, the patient must transfer to an adult Immunologist and an adult hospital. The environment is quite different and for some, it is a difficult period of adjustment. In some hospitals, a Transition Co-ordinator is available to make this process as smooth as possible for the patient.

Transition Co-ordinators:

NSW ACI (NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation) was established to improve systems and processes for young people with chronic health problems and disabilities to facilitate their effective transition from paediatric to adult health services, and to provide support and advice on transition planning for young people, their parents and health care professionals.

It is important to plan a smooth Transition for your child from paediatric to adult care. Discuss the appropriate team with your Immunologist or Infusion Ward Nurse.


IPOPI booklet_Transition IPOPI publication.  This booklet addresses some of the issues faced when moving from child to adult care.  Adobe PDF, 535 KB.

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