PID Infusion Wards in Australia

Patients have their treatment in PID infusion units/wards. This section will feature infusion wards in different hospitals. If you would like to feature your infusion ward and nurses, contact us

Turner Unit, Childrens Hospital Westmead NSW


Turner Ward Nurses

Turner Ward Nurses

Turner Unit is a unique combination of a Medical Day Stay Unit, Care by Parent Unit and Endocrine Testing Unit. Turner Unit consists of a small team of specialised nursing staff able to work efficiently in all 3 areas   providing specialist care to chronic and acutely unwell children 0-18 yrs. This includes haematology, immunology, metabolics, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, bone service and cardiology.

Nursing staff include; Karen Solitua-Nurse Unit Manager; Rowene Brooker-Acting Clinical Nurse Educator; Liz Lawrie-Endocrine CNC; Kelly Winning-Endocrine CNC/CNS; Amy Barnard-RN; Saras Domingo- CNS; Don Maglantay-RN; Melissa Warton-RN; Cameron Harwood-CNS; Leah Adamson-RN; Geniene Zachariah-New Grad; Vicky Devine-EN; Meena Patel-AIN, as well as our regular casual nursing staff Kristina Popovic and Derelle Webster.

The Medical Day Stay Unit primarily treats children who require regular treatment such as immunoglobulin/enzyme infusions and blood transfusions, as well as pre and post general anaesthetic or oral sedation care. We have a combination of Immunology and neurology patients requiring immunoglobulin infusions on a regular basis. Our youngest patients receiving IVIG therapy are under 1 and we continue to treat patients until they transition into the Adult hospital system. We currently treat patients with Intragam, Octogam or Flebogamma.

The Care By Parent Unit contains 11 beds offering accommodation for patients who require hospital services, such as Education, Appointments, Clinics etc without the need for 24 hour nursing care. One parent/carer is to stay with the patient throughout their admission. The Butterfly Wing is situated in Care By Parent and is part of the Eating Disorder Program.

The Endocrine Testing Unit provides both an inpatient and out-service where children attend for short periods and undergo either specialist Endocrine testing, bisphosphonate infusions or hormone treatments.

Turner Unit is also utilised for Research projects with nursing staff participating in a variety of studies.

We are open Monday to Friday and offer a ‘late clinic’ for our adolescent patients that includes a specialised program catering for teenagers with chronic illness.                                                       Our Philosophy is:

Turner nurses at Christmas 2012

Turner nurses at Christmas 2012

T  –  Teamwork

U  –  Understanding

R  –  Respect

N  –  Nurturing

E  –  Efficient

R  –  Reliable

W   –  Willing

A  –   Approachable

R   –  Rewarding

D  –   Dedicated



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