National Conference Sponsorship


Sponsorship is a way of assisting patients and carers to attend the national conference.

National Conference information: Sponsorship and Benefits

Australia is a big country and IDFA want all members to have the opportunity to attend. We are a not for profit with no government funding and appreciate any donation or sponsorship for our member services. Our members receive the following services:

  • free membership
  • free member resource pack (worth $ 60 + $14 post)
  • Closed Facebook Group
  • Teleconferences
  • Patient meetings
  • Subsidised Biennial national conferences (IDFA paying the majority of the expense – at a cost of $1400-$1500 per person)

Due to lack of funding, we are no longer able to provide the conference free of charge and are looking for sponsorship to assist our members to attend and participate in the conference.

Corporate Sponsorship

IDFA is actively seeking corporate sponsorship for the National Conference.

The conference objectives are:

  1. Educate through medical presentations the causes, diagnosis, treatments and research of primary immune deficiencies
  2. Provide and improve access to services and support
  3. Support patients, carers and their families through practical advice and coping skills
  4. Address mental health, social and emotional needs of patients, carers and their families
  5. Provide members with an Advocacy Toolkit to enable them to advocate on their own behalf
  6. Engage, connect and empower patients through the IDFA mantra “I Don’t Feel Alone”

To complete a corporate sponsorship form click here.

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Individual Sponsorship

If you would like to sponsor a patient and/or carer to attend the conference, there are several options. Amounts start from $30. You can sponsor via:

  1.  Direct Debit  Name of Account: IDFA  BSB 032 513  ACC: 251784  Reference your amount “Conf and your surname”. Please send an email to and we will send you a copy of the conference report.
  2. GoFundraise   GoFundraise has amounts from $30. Please write “Conference” in the message box. Please send an email to we will send you a copy of the conference report.

To complete an individual sponsorship form click here

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