MBL Deficiency

Deficiencies of the Lectin Pathway Components

MBL, M-ficolin, L-ficolin, H-ficolin, CL-11, MASPs MBL deficiency is fairly common, affecting approximately 5-30% of individuals. There is some controversy over the importance of the lectins to overall immunity, but most authors agree that the early months of a baby’s life are dependent on the ability of the lectin pathway to fight bacterial infections during the period when maternal antibodies decrease and the child’s own antibody production is not fully functional. Other studies have shown increased susceptibility to herpes simplex virus-2, influenza A, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus (IDF Patient Handbook – Aust Edition)

OMIM document on MBLD

NIH Document on MBL deficiency

Malacards information on MBL Deficiency

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