Immunology Seminar Canberra

A Canberra Immunology Seminar will be held on Saturday 12th December 2015.

Time: 1pm-5pm

Place: Finkel Lecture Theatre

Building 131, Level 2, John Curtin School of Medical Research

Australian National University, Garran Rd, ACT


  1. Prof Matthew Cook – The Centre for Personalised Immunology
  2. A/Prof David Fulcher – The Immune System and Primary Immune Deficiencies
  3. Anastacia Wilson – SCIg (subcutaneous immunoglobulin) treatment
  4. Adam Friederich – Patient experience with PID and SCIg
  5. Christine Jeffery – IDFA (Immune Deficiencies Foundation Australia)

Afternoon tea will be provided

Researchers, medical students, health care professionals, patients and their families are welcome to attend.

Please RSVP

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