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PID Awareness PIN



The Primary Immune Deficiency Awareness Pin was created by IDFA’s Member Support, Chloe Appleton. In our own shining colours, the double helix pin symbol represents DNA structure – which is the foundation for what causes PIDs. Find out more about PID here. Chloe hopes that the PID Pin will become a recognisable symbol for everyone and that people will understand a bit more about PID as a result. The Pin comes with a poem that reads…

PID is a genetic disorder
Causing the immune system to be quite out of order
Coughs, colds, infections and more
Are caught easily from the tiniest spore.
Ongoing treatment, lifelong for most,
Through plasma donations by generous hosts,
Is needed to keep the nasties at bay
So people with PID can live, work and play.

This IDFA pin
Worn with pride
Will raise awareness
Of PID worldwide.

Purchasing the PID PIN

You can purchase the pin online using the form below or by post using the IDFA PIN – Print & Order Form . For fundraising with the pin, see next section.

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Fundraising with the PID PIN

You can order a box of pins on consignment to sell on behalf of IDFA. Your order will come with a fundraising package, complete with letter of authority to fundraise and tips on how to to sell the Pin!

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Thank you for your interest in the IDFA PID Awareness PIN!

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