IDFA Christmas/New Year Member Events

Dear IDFA Member,

For the fifth year in a row IDFA is subsidising member get togethers. Our “gift” to IDFA members will be available from 3rd Dec 2019 until the 31 Jan, 2020.

For the fourth year in a row IDFA is taking part in Giving Tuesday (NOV 27th). Our “gift” to IDFA members will be available from 3rd December, 2019 until the 31st January, 2020.

As our gift to our you, IDFA will sponsor any member organised Christmas/New Year party to the value of $15 per member

This is an opportunity for you to meet other members in your state, get together with members you already know and have a happy get together subsidised by IDFA.

As some members are rural or far from city centres, you are still entitled to receive our gift. Contact us if you have a small group of members (or even only 2 of you!) – we will still “give-back”!

How it works:

  • Nominate an organiser, or nominate yourself!
  • For audit purposes, IDFA will need an attendance sheet of members attending your party. IDFA will provide you with a form that guests can fill in their name, email (so we can send receipts), and bank details for reimbursing each IDFA Member $15.00
  • The organiser emails IDFA the reimbursement form and IDFA will direct deposit the amount into Members bank accounts AFTER the event.
  • If the Host has paid for the function themselves (e.g provided food for a party at their home) the attendance sheet will be emailed to IDFA with the total amount of IDFA Members attending the party and the Host will be reimbursed accordingly.

If you have a group of members and you would like to have a get together, please contact

Current Organisers: We are currently looking for organisers to hold the Christmas get togethers. If you would like to nominate yourself to host a party please let me know!


Looking for hosts


Looking for hosts


Looking for hosts


Looking for hosts


Looking for hosts


Looking for hosts


Looking for hosts


Looking for hosts

This offer is valid until 31st January 2020.


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