Change from IntragamP to Intragam10

From March 2017, INTRAGAM P, will be replaced by INTRAGAM 10. If you are currently receiving treatment with INTRAGAM P, you will need to change to the INTRAGAM 10 product.

The main difference between INTRAGAM P and INTRAGAM 10 is that INTRAGAM 10 is a higher concentration product than INTRAGAM P. INTRAGAM P is a 6% concentration product and INTRAGAM 10 is a 10% concentration product. For this reason, the total volume (in mL) of INTRAGAM 10 that you will need for each of your infusions will be less than the volume of INTRAGAM P you are currently receiving. In some instances, this may mean that it will take less time for you to complete each infusion with INTRAGAM 10.
INTRAGAM P and INTRAGAM 10 are available in different bottle sizes so you may need a different number of bottles of INTRAGAM 10 than you are currently receiving of INTRAGAM P.

When CSL Behring starts manufacturing INTRAGAM 10, INTRAGAM P will no longer be made.

Follow this link to CSL information about Intragam10

Here is Intragam10 Product Information

National Blood Authority Information


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