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 Travelling with Primary Immunodeficiency

If you are leaving Australia and need to take SCIg product:

  1.  Let your immunologist know 3 months in advance. They must apply for a TGA export license for you to take SCIg OUT of Australia.                       What you need to have ready:
    1.  Download and complete the ASCIA Travel Plan
    2. Copy of your passport
    3.  Copy of your flights
    4. Each country you are visiting
    5. Where you are staying
    6.  Have a letter from your GP stating all the medications you are currently taking.
    7. The export license will be given to you 5 days before you leave.
    8. Copy all documentation  case you need to hand it over at any customs you pass through.
    9. Wrap your SCIg product in bubble wrap before putting ice or blocks in your container.

If you are leaving Australia and need to have IVIg product:

  1. Consult with your immunologist well ahead, so this can be organised with the country you are travelling to.
  2. Refer to the National Blood Authority website well before you travel.


  1. If you are travelling into or out of Australia and taking immunoglobulin (plasma derived products are regulated as presciption medicines), check travelling with medicines and medical devices on the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) website (watch the video).
  2. Check the medicine is allowed in the country you are travelling to. Do this by contacting their consulate or embassy.
  3. Some medicines that are legally available in Australia are not allowed in other countries
  4. Some medicines are legally allowed in other countries but need a permit
  5. Some medicines need customs clearance – check with customs in each country stop over prior to flying
  6. Your medication may be illegal at your destination (you may need to ask your doctor about alternatives)
  7. Restrictions also apply to complementary medicines
  8. Carry a letter from your doctor
  9. Keep all medication in original packaging
  10. Check with your immunologist for arrangements for appointments and infusions in other countries well before leaving Australia or departing your country

Australians needing IVIg overseas

Please consult with your immunologist and



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