Strategic Plans


A future where immune deficiencies (primary and secondary) are diagnosed early, communities are more aware of the signs and symptoms of immune deficiencies, and those affected feel supported.


To promote an understanding of immune deficiencies (primary and secondary); link members, their families and medical professionals; and advocate for a better quality of life.


•Our members: we can all learn something from someone, and those affected by immune deficiencies (primary and secondary) have a story worth listening to
•Courage: immune deficiency can get you down but we get back up together
•Strength: sometimes, just getting through the day can be tough, we understand
•Education: through events and resources we continue to increase our knowledge of immune deficiencies
•Engagement & Collaboration: we seek to involve affected individuals, families, medical professionals and the wider community
•Determination: our members, volunteers and staff work tirelessly to give those affected a better quality of life


To achieve our mission via:
•Awareness: We work to increase awareness of immune deficiencies (primary and secondary) in the general and medical community
•Membership: We acknowledge that unity is strength and our aim is to reach out and support those affected
•Advocacy: We publicly promote initiatives that will improve quality of life for those affected


  • educate and raise awareness of immune deficiencies (IDs) within both the general and medical communities
  • provide education, resources, practical advice and emotional support for those with IDs, their carers and families
  • bring the ID community in Australia together through social media, teleconferencing, patient meetings, events and conferences
  • advocate for our members ensuring accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment to provide a better quality of life

Strategic Priorities

1.Advocate the best outcomes for patients to improve quality of life. (Advocacy)
2.Promote early diagnosis by being more visible in the medical community. (Advocacy)
3.Support patients, carers and families. (Membership)
4.Maintain our recognition as the peak body representing Australians affected by immune deficiencies (primary and secondary).  (Membership)
5.Promote community awareness of the signs and symptoms of immune deficiencies (primary and secondary).  (Awareness)
6.Increase financial capabilities to facilitate growth.  (Awareness)

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