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IDFA is a Registered Charity. Find us on the ACNC Charity Register Summary and the ASIC Company Summary IDFA. View our business details.

Corporate Partnership: International Entertainment (Razzamatazz, Circus Quirkus and World Festival of Magic)

IDFA has engaged the services of International Entertainment (Aust) Pty Ltd, a leading commercial fund-raiser, to organise and market these shows on our behalf. We believe this arrangement will maximise our fund-raising opportunities, and ensure a genuinely top-quality, family orientated show is provided to our patients, the special needs and under-privileged children in the local community. Businesses and the local community are encouraged to purchase tickets ($60ea) to sponsor these children and their parents/carer to attend the show which features magic, juggling, acrobatics and good old-fashioned humour.

Surplus funds from our event will help fund the charity’s on-going work in caring for sufferers of IMMUNE DEFICIENCY DISORDERS (IDs). Immune Deficiencies can be Primary (genetic) or Secondary (due to cancer, chemotherapy, organ transplantation or other diseases). They arise when the immune system is faulty and missing some or all of the body’s defence weapons (antibodies and proteins).  Children with IDs have no ability to fight infections and often have organ damage due to constant infections.  There is no cure for the majority of IDs and treatment includes monthly infusions in hospital. Please help us make our events a success again this year by sponsoring special needs and underprivileged children from your local area to attend the shows.

We are asking businesses and community members to give their support to this project.  The ticket cost is just $60 (GST Inclusive) or $120 for a child and parent/carer.

For all tickets and show enquiries contact:

Bendigo Circus Quirkus

Burnie Circus Quirkus

Cairns Circus Quirkus

Canberra Razzamatazz

Lismore Circus Quirkus

Mackay Circus Quirkus

Melbourne Razzamatazz

Newcastle Circus Quirkus

Penrith Razzamatazz

Toowoomba Razzamatazz

Townsville Circus Quirkus

Wagga Wagga World of Magic

Adelaide Circus Quirkus


Q: The contact numbers on my fax/email request are different to the IDFA Office contacts.

A: This is because International Entertainment manage the Project for IDFA.

Q: How do I know this is not a “con”?

A: IDFA are registered with ASCI, ACNC and State regulatory bodies. Our ABN is 99117585976. Read our 2016-2017 IDFA Audited Financials which document our corporate partnership with International Entertainment.


International Entertainment run 3 types of shows for IDFA:


Razz has been touring Australia since 2008. It is a mix of circus, magic, comedy and dazzling dancers in spectacular costumes. It is a great variety show and fun for everyone. The show runs for about 1 hour with no interval.

Razzamatazz Show dates and times

Facebook page

Circus Quirkus

Circus Quirkus has been touring Australia since 2002. is a contemporary take on traditional circuses of ages past. It is an eclectic and entertaining mix of Circus acts brought to you from all over the world. Internationally renowned Clowns, Jugglers, Acrobats, and more deliver funny, hugely engaging and sometimes death-defying acts of unbelievable skill.

Circus Quirkus Show dates and times

Facebook page

World Festival of Magic

World Festival of Magic has been touring Australia since 1988. It features the great Illusionist Michael Boyd. The show features acts of interactive magic,  acrobatic cyclists and circus acts.

Show dates and times

Facebook page

If you would like to purchase tickets to sponsor a child and carer, we will forward your details to our current campaign. If you have sponsored tickets to a show and have an enquiry about sponsorship complete the IE Show Contact Form or email if you have any show inquiries.

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