Nick’s Story

Nick’s Story “ I’m 28 years old and was born with X linked Hyper IgM, it is a Primary Immune Deficiency. What that means is that I have low white blood cells, I get topped up every month at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne via IV. It is mostly painless and takes about 4hours.

My cute little nephew Brodie is a 2 year old with Hyper IgM, he is also my hero!

We have an additional family member recently diagnosed as well, he is under 6 months old.

Funding never seems to find it’s way into the Immunology Department so I created this event -It’s a BLOODY LONG WAY !-  in hope to make things a little better for the next generation”

BLW is a new bike riding event created help raise awareness, support and research projects for Primary Immune Deficiency.

The name symbolises that we have come a long way, the ride is a long way & we still have a bloody long way to go. This is the beginning of an annual event.

Personal donations are being collected on the day and leading up to the event.

All the info can be found here, please visit;   ; Everyday hero

Find us on Facebook

Or contact the event co-ordinator for BLW Nick Tesch 0421191469

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