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The Immune Deficiencies Foundation Australia is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity caring for people who have Primary Immune Deficiencies -genetic in origin- and Secondary Immune Deficiencies -caused by transplantation, disease (e.g. cancer) or treatment (e.g. chemotherapy).

An Immune Deficiency is also commonly referred to as an immune disease, immune disorder or immunodeficiency. It is defined by a loss of antibodies or failure of antibody function. The decrease in antibodies causes the immune response to be deficient or absent, resulting in increased susceptibility to infection.

Our members range from babies to seniors and are from all over Australia. They have chronic and complex health issues. Many struggle to make life as normal as possible within the restrictions placed on them by their illness. IDFA offers education and social and emotional support for patients and their families. Become a member of IDFA

SCID Newborn screening – support our campaign!

This video discusses Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID), the tabling of the ACT petition and why all Australian States must add SCID to the newborn spot screening program.

Support newborn screening for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID): Let’s stop Australian infant deaths from the “bubble boy” disease.

Petitions have been tabled in NSW and the ACT. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please download and sign a petition for your State.

Read about SCID and download petitions to sign

Write to your local MP

You can support our campaign by raising the issue your local MP. IDFA have prepared a template letter for you to download: SCID Letter for MP’s

You can search for your local MP here: https://www.aph.gov.au/senators_and_members/members


This is a worrying time for patients with primary and secondary immune deficiencies and their families. Our COVID-19 page has information to support those living with an immune deficiency. It includes:

  • Links to Australian and global health agencies
  • Statistics and data
  • Information about returning to school during COVID-19

Coronavirus effect on IDFA

Due to coronavirus-19, and the resulting economic downturn, we are now seeing many businesses not surviving. With shutdowns and no customers, there will be many more to come. For not for profit organisations, this is a very real threat. IDFA is feeling the financial effects severely. As a not for profit, with no government funding; our grants, fundraising sales and donations have been severely impeded by this tragedy. Our current activities are focussed on advocacy and support for our members via letters, phone calls and social media. Any DONATION (even $2 is tax deductible) is appreciated at this time to keep us going. Consider donating $30 and receive a World PI Week Pack! Use PIPack as a reference! For the pack and products, Order here

International Entertainment – Circus Quirkus, Razzamatazz and World Festival of Magic

IDFA are proud to continue our fundraising partnership with International Entertainment. Due to COVID-19 some shows have been postponed. This is necessary to keep everyone healthy; we will continue to keep you updated.

If you didn’t know already, the following productions – Circus Quirkus, Razzamatazz and the World of Magic – are produced and marketed by International Entertainment on behalf of IDFA. Funds raised from these events support IDFA’s ongoing work in caring for sufferers of immune deficiency disorders.

In fact, these shows also support children with special needs and disadvantaged families within your community. So, when you sponsor tickets you not only support IDFA but you’re supporting members of your community.

Find out more about show times and dates here:

Circus Quirkus website

Circus Quirkus Facebook page

Razzamatazz website

World Festival of Magic website

Our shows are held in:

Lismore Cairns Canberra
Newcastle Mackay  
Penrith Toowoomba  
Sutherland Townsville  
Wagga Wagga    
Bendigo Burnie Perth


IDFA Storybook

In partnership with CIRCA we are continuing to build our patient storybook.

We welcome patients and carers or family members to tell their immune deficiency story.

Tell us your story and mail us some photos to be included.




Has your immunoglobulin treatment stopped?

See here for who to contact and suggested letter.

IDFA Music Video “I Don’t Feel Alone”

We are excited to present the IDFA Music Video, “I Don’t Feel Alone” made by our YAMS (young adult members) at the IDFA YAM JAM Conference 2018. The words are written by the YAMS and it features Imogen Abba, Tokana Hennequin, Christopher Bowd and Ben Johnson on vocals, YAMs and staff on chorus and the YAM JAM dancers and scenes from the conference. We hope you enjoy it (click on picture below for link).


Financial Reports

Annual Reports

Event Reports

Product Sale!

Awareness Pins, Cards, Pens, Totes…    View and order here

PI Awareness Pin

Purchase a Primary Immune Deficiency Awareness PIN . Cost has been reduced to $5 and is tax deductible. Can you sell a box for us?

IDFA thanks Grifols for the grant to enable us to design this unique PID symbol.





Read our latest newsletter: IDFA Newsletter 2019

IDFA is a Registered Charity

Find us on the ACNC Charity Register Summary and the ASIC Company Summary IDFA




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